Event:- Hartlepool-Whitby (2007)

Sent by : karen wilkinson

Phoenix in the sunshine (before the windshift)

Sent by : karen wilkinson

White Magic leading the fleet on the water (just after the wind shifted to the SE)

Sent by : Terry Hogg

Bite the Bullet off Saltburn.

Sent by : Terry Hogg

Another shot taken before the Saltscar

Event:- Scarborough- Whitby (2007)

Event:- Whitby Regatta - 1 (2007)

Sent by : Larry wilkinson

Samaki staarting the first race under full canvas!

Sent by : Terry Hogg

The calm before the storm? Waiting for the bridge

Event:- Whitby Regatta - 2 (2007)

Event:- Bass Rock (2007)

Event:- Sunderland - Whitby (2007)

Sent by : karen wilkinson

Just after the start - barnstormer getting going under spinnaker.

Sent by : karen wilkinson

Again just after the start- Hussy driving through to leeward of Tarka.

Sent by : karen wilkinson

G Spot and Storm in a G Cup setting off.

Sent by : karen wilkinson

Blue Max following Barnstormer on an offshore track.

Event:- Whitby - Hartlepool (2007)

Event:- Scarborough - Imuiden (2007)

Sent by : Ian Kershaw

North Sea Fleet just after the start (taken from Phoenix)

Event:- Farnes Race (2007)

Event:- Roker Regatta - 1 (2007)

Event:- Roker Regatta - 2 (2007)

Event:- Roker Regatta - 3 (2007)

Event:- Blyth Regatta - 1 (2007)

Sent by : Neil Schofield


Event:- Blyth Regatta - 2 (2007)

Sent by : Dave Morgan

27-30 Knots

Event:- Prizegiving (2007)