NECRA is open to both racing and cruising yachtsmen.

Whilst the Association was formed primarily by the racing community, the passage races have developed a range of social events that have proved to be very popular with cruising yachtsman following the fleet in company! Meeting up with with fellow sailors from other club in a convivial atmosphere, often with food provided in situ and occasionally entertainment provides for an enjoyable and interesting experience. For the cost concious there is the additional attraction that most marinas provide a discount for NECRA members who indicate their intention to participate in the race (or cruise) in advance via the website 14 days in advance! Not only does this give the marinas advance warning of visitors, it also enables the local yacht club to provide the appropriate level of catering!

To complete one of the online application forms click here Racing or here Cruising


If you prefer a printed copy of the Application form click here Racing or here Cruising

For the Racing yachtsman these steps also need be completed before racing

After submitting the registration form a NERR rating certificate can be obtained by arranging for the measurement of your boat by your local NERR measurer.

(See Contacts page for details of NERR measurers).

Read the race and safety instructions and ensure that your boat complies.

Ensure you have appropriate race insurance.

Register your intention to race

Turn up and race at the event!