The following is a scanned copy of the original handbook of the Association produced in 1966

The burgee on the top right of all of the pages on the website is taken from the front cover of this handbook.

Three of the typical six races originally proposed still appear in the 2006 calendar! The original format also included a Hartlepool-Sunderland race, wheras in 2006 there is a Sunderland - Hartlepool race.




l.l. Eligibility.

Any yacht, Sailing or boating club based in Yorkshire, Durham or Northumberland shall be eligible to compete for the Individual Championship.

1.2 The Committee.

The Committee shall consist of two representatives from each member club. The Committee will have the power to co-opt additional members and to appoint subcomittees.

1.3. Objects.

The objects of the Association shall be to promote and assist cruiser sailing on the North East Coast and to promote a series, or series of races. ;



The NECRA racing rules vary certain details of the IYRU racing rules and RYA prescriptions. The variations of any rule apply only to those details mentioned, and in every other respect IYRU racing rules and RYA prescriptions remain valid and must be observed. An organising club may, at its own discretion, not adopt any NECRA racing rule, but must give due notice of its intention not to do so.


Part IV of the IYRU will be replaced by Part C Rule 17 of The International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions , at Sea between sunset and sunrise.

2.3. Luffing.

Luffing between sunset and sunrise is prohibited.

2.4. Rule Infringements (affecting rules 31, 33, 52, 72, 73).

If the organising club considers a breach of the rules has been committed, it may impose a % penalty on the yacht's elapsed time, or disqualify the yacht.

2.5. Recalls.

Recall numbers will not be displayed.


Any race shall be null and void if the average speed over the course of the leading yacht shall be less than 2 knots.


Handicaps will be calculated according to the RYA handicapping system, RYA Handbook Supplement A,

Addendum F.


The 'Time-on-Time' method for correcting the elapsed times of yachts shall normally be used.


The number of races counted for points by each yacht compared to the total number of races shall be-
6 races - 5 to count
5 " - 4 " "


Points shall be awarded according to the 1961 Olympic scoring system, set out in the Addendum G of the RYA Supplement A, 1961-65 editions.



The Association Championship series of races, open to all yachts holding a RYA-NECRA handicap, will consist of a number of races organised by the constituent clubs.


The individual Points Winner will be awarded the Vaux Silver Tankard, to be held for one year.


The Club Championship shall be decided by adding, for all races, the points obtained by the leading two boats from each club in each race.


A typical programme would be-

1. The Bass Rock Race for the Blyth Cruiser Challenge Cup, of 150 miles, arranged by the RNYC, start 21.30 on a Friday in June. Cours; - RNYC start - Sow and Pig buoy (P) - Bass Rock (P) - Sow and Pig buoy (S) B.H.C buoy (S) - Finish RNYC. (1967 - June 16th).

2. Sunderiand-Whitby, 40 miles, arranged by SYC, start - 21.30 on the last Friday in June. Course - SYC Start - Hendon Rock buoy (S) - Finish Whitby Yacht Club. (1967 - June 30th).

3. Whitby-Hartlepool, 24 miles, arranged by HYC, on the first Sunday in July. Course - Whitby YC start - Longscar buoy (P) - Hartlepool No. 1 buoy (S) - Finish Hartlepool Yacht Club. (1967 - July 2nd).

4. Hartlepool-Sunderland for the Northern Daily Mail Cup, 21 miles, arranged by HYC, starting time to be arranged on the second Sunday in July. Course - HYC. Start - Longscar buoy (S) - Tees Fairway buoy (P) - Hendon Rocks buoy (P) - Finish SYC. (1967 - July 9th).

5. Turley Cup, arranged by SYC starting on the W.B.A. Saturday in July. Course - SYC. Start - Saltscar buoy (P) - SYC finish. (1967 - July 29th).

6. Bondicar Race for the Bondicar Trophy, 26 miles, arranged by RNYC. Starting time 11.00 on the second Sunday in September. Course - RNYC. Start - Sow and Pig buoy (P) - Bondicar buoy (P) - Sow and Pig buoy (S) - B.H.C. buoy (S) - Blyth finish, (1967 - September 10th).


The Four Tons Cup is open to all yachts of under 4.5 tons T.M. and with a T(H)CF of less than .865 (1967 measure- ment) sailing under the burgee of any recognised yacht club.

Yachts must be single hulled cruising yachts, having some form of fixed ballast, single or twin keels, with or without a centreplate. Accommodation must include a minimum of two fixed berths and galley with cooking stove.


The competition shall be held in the home waters of the SYC, RNYC or HYC, at the request of the holder of the Cup, under the organisation of the Club stipulated. In the event of organising difficulties, the NECRA shall have the right to override the personal choice of the holder and make the final stipulation of sailing waters and course.


The racing rules shall be those approved by NECRA.


The competition shall not be held during a Club Regatta.


The competition shall normally consist of one race of not less than 10 miles length.


The winner shall receive the 4 Tons Cup.


Where there are sufficient entries, prizes may also be awarded to class winners.



Every competing yacht must be seaworthy and be fitted and sailed with proper precaution.


The following is a list of recommended safety equipment. The organising club for each race shall have the power to require yachts to carry such equipment as it specifies, but must give notice to competing yachts of the obligatory equipment.

2 Anchors
Storm canvas
First aid equipment
2 Fire extinguishers
Sail number for display
Class code flag
Powerful torch or lamp
Fog signal
Dinghy or liferaft.
Emergency tiller
2 Lifebuoys
Lifejackets for each crew member
Self-igniting buoy lights
Navigation lights
Safety harnesses
Radar reflector
Wire cutters
2 bilge pumps
Whistle for each lifejacket