Open AGM and 2019 Prize Giving

The Annual General Meeting for NECRA is on Thursday 24th October at 8.00pm and will be held at Tees and Hartlepool Yacht Club. Afterwards there will prize giving, a meal provided then an open to all discussion about the sailing season and our plans for the future. You are all invited as well as anyone who may be interested in NECRA and may have constructive suggestions on our future development. The more the merrier.

For AGM Agenda - click here


Final Offshore Races - Sunderland & Whitby to Hartlepool

These are the last races of the summer series so come and join us, even if you’re not racing. There are 2 races going on simultaneously from Whitby and Sunderland to arrive at Hartlepool late afternoon. Thanks to the generosity of Hartlepool Marina we are providing an early evening meal for everybody followed by race prize giving and social at the THYC. There is also free mooring at the Marina for competitors. Even if you’re unable to race do come along and join in this final event and share your experiences of this year’s sailing. The whole point of NECRA is to bring likeminded people together. COME AND JOIN IN! Last Races - click here for Program

Whitby YC – Vernon Dawson – Scarborough to Whitby

Our next participating event is Whitby Yacht Clubs Vernon Dawson race on 3rd August from Scarborough to Whitby followed by a race from Whitby to Hartlepool on the Sunday 4th August. Plans are finalised and below you will find the program for the events and the sailing instructions for both are available from the menu. It may seem that getting to Scarborough on the Friday ready for the 9 o’clock start on Saturday is just too much trouble let me assure you that the welcome at Scarborough YC on the Friday and Whitby YC on the Saturday are well worth the effort. Good nights will be had by all! Remember also if you register for the event you will get discounted moorings at both destinations.

Vernon Dawson click here for program


Newsletter - Sunderland to Whitby overnight

The NECRA Sunderland to Whitby overnight race this year turned into one of the best ever. The weather was super clear so we had a brilliant sunset lighting up the spinnakers from behind, an orange orb moon rising out of the sea followed by a glorious sunrise. This is a perfect example of what NECRA is for. A brilliant weekend! See the attached newsletter and look on Facebook for more pictures.

Whitby Overnight Newsletter


Sunderland to Whitby Overnight

The Overnight race to Whitby is Friday 21 June at 2100 with a return race to Hartlepool on Sunday 23 June 0930. Whitby YC are again providing discounted mooring and catering at the club and NECRA will be make a presentation to the winning boats. details of the program are available below and you can download the Sailing Instructions from this website.

Whitby Overnight Program - click here


THYC Regatta - NECRA Inshore Series

The THYC Regatta is on the 15th June and the first 2 races will count towards the Inshore Series. The Regatta has 4 Olympic style races on the Saturday and 1 bay race on the Sunday. All NECRA yachts are invited to join in. Hartlepool Marina is providing free mooring to all competing boats plus the option to stay free for the following week leading up to the Sunderland to Whitby overnight race. You do need to register for these events to get the free mooring. THYC are putting on a BBQ and live entertainment to the band STARWOOKY on the Saturday night and there will be a prize giving during the evening. Tickets for the food and entertainment are £10 and it is recommended that you reserve your tickets in good time. All NECRA competitors will also get drinks vouchers to use on that evening. The details for the event are available to download below:

THYC Regatta Program - click here


Whitby Yacht Club Regatta - NECRA Inshore Series

The WYC regatta is on 25th May and the first 2 races are our first 2 results for the Inshore Series followed by an Offshore race to Hartlepool on the Sunday 26th. If you think that you may compete please register for the event so we can book discounted mooring places at Whitby Marina. This registration needs to be done as soon as possible. The details for the event are available to download below:

Whitby Yacht Club Regatta - click here

  2019-04-09   Hi folks


Can i ask all Google/Gmail users (and perhaps Hotmail and Yahoo) to be aware that some people are reporting that NECRA mail is going directly into their Spam/Junk folders. If this is the case for you than you need to change the settings in your email programme to ensure that future mail is directed to your normal folder.

This can be done by setting up a mail filter or marking the spam/junk items to be moved to your normal mail box.

The other alternative is to regularly check your Spam/Junk box.


Invitation to Join Us - click here


Welcome to the 2019 sailing season

We have a busy and exciting program of races and cruises planned for this coming season and we hope that you will join us.
All the clubs have enthusiastically joined with us to plan some great racing and lively social gatherings. You will see that we are inviting Cruisers to join us this season which will allow them to take advantage of our social and discounts.
The first racing is Whitby Regatta on May 25th with food,prize giving and social afterwards. Whitby YC have even commissioned a Real Ale dedicated to NECRA for the event.
In order to book our moorings we do need members to join and register for the event in good time. The cut-off date will be 30 April.

DONT MISS OUT - Come and Join Us

  2018-12-14   Merry Christmas to all.

Christmas Newsletter

  2018-12-06   The NECRA committee meeting 29 November 2018 has proposed a program for 2019 that will encourage more clubs and members to participate by including all clubs within that program. It is planned to have:
  • Better publicity and communication with clubs and individuals
  • Free or cheaper moorings at events
  • Available food and social events at host clubs
  • Inclusion in SI about costs and social events
  • Production and circulation of race information sooner

  • Hartlepool Marina has generously offered free mooring to visiting boats at and between events. The committee plan better, more frequent publicity about each race, the promise of food and possibly entertainment after each event. A draft program has been agreed subject to the agreement of all the host clubs.
    The next committee meeting will be on 30 January 2019
      2018-05-03   Hi Welcome to the 2018 NECRA season.

    Sailing instructions have been posted for some events. More will be following shortly!

    Have you registered your boat yet? If not, please do so in good time to enable us to get all the details sorted before the racing starts. If you are not on the computer it is not possible for you to figure in the results!
      2017-05-15   Competitors in the THYC NECRA regatta might be interested in having a look in the Photo Gallery. There is a range of photos posted of boats in the two races. Many thanks to the two contributors!

      2017-05-15   Hi folks

    First NECRA racing took place at the weekend at Hartlepool in flat seas and a bit of a breeze. The results have been posted.

    Prior information for boats contemplating Roker Regatta has also been posted in the Sailing instructions section. Mooring arrangements for visitors are detailed! larry
      2017-04-25   Hi folks

    It is only a few weeks to the first NECRA event of 2017, so if you want your boat to take part you need to register soon!

    You can complete the registration formalities on line if you wish, or simply print out an application form, complete and pop it in the mail to the Hon Sec.

    Best wishes for the coming season

      2016-12-24   Hi folks

    Compliments of the Season to all.

    For your information the December Committee Minutes contain a draft of the 2017 season.
      2016-05-06   Hi folks
    Welcome to the 2016 NECRA season.
    The SIs for the THYC regatta have been posted.
    Free moorings and supper on Saturday provided for all competitors.
      2015-10-15   Hi folks

    Just a brief reminder - AGM, Presentation and Open Meeting
    Thursday 22 October, 7.30 pm
    There will be a free buffet served between the Presentation of the trophies and the Open meeting. Come along and make your views on NECRA and the NECRA programme know .
      2015-08-27   Hi folks
    A new set of Sailing Instructions have been posted for the re-arranged Vernon Dawson.

      2015-08-12   Hi All
    The Vernon Dawson has been arranged for Sat 5 September, start time to be confirmed. regards
      2015-07-15   Hi there
    News just in from Whitby/Scarborough. This weekends race (Vernon Dawson) has been postponed because of the weather forecast this weekend. A revised date will be posted as soon as it is available.
      2015-05-13   hi folks
    A reminder - the NECRA sailing seasons begins on Saturday with a Regatta at Hartlepool. Music and a beer fest on Saturday night makes it worth a visit even if you are not racing!

    If you had forgotten all about registering, you can save the late entry fee as there is a late registration /talk on at THYC 8pm Friday evening.
      2015-04-20   hi folks

    Poster for NECRA Regatta here POSTER
      2014-12-19   Hi all
    The minutes of the AGM have been posted. Also a few photos from the prizegiving.
      2014-11-04   Hi folks
    Just as reminder - AGM and Open meeting this Thursday at 8pm THYC. All welcome Larry
      2014-09-02   Hi
    The Sailing Instructions for the RNYC Regatta have now been posted larry
      2014-07-28   Hi folks
    The Vernon Dawson Sailing Instructions have now been posted.
      2014-07-24   Hi folks
    The Sailing Instructions for the second race of the comming weekend have been posted (Whitby - Hartlepool). It is always a great weekend so why not make the effort to take part?
      2014-05-12   Hi folks
    The SI's for the Sunderland- Whitby race have been posted. There is also a poster from WYC detailing the food arrangements and the BAR opening hours!!
      2013-11-12   hi
    The AGM, Prizegiving and Open Meeting will be held at THYC on Friday 29 November at 7.30pm. Full details can be found under Committee Minutes . A buffet supper will be available.
    Hope to see you there.
      2013-09-19   Hi
    The Sunderland - Hartlepool Sailing Instructions have now been posted.
      2013-08-27   Hi all
    SI's for the last inshore event of the season at RNYC have been posted.
    Food and music Friday and Saturday night!- see poster for more details.
      2013-08-22   Hi Folks
    Draft Sailing Instructions for Roker Regatta are now posted.
    Also on Friday night there is a quiz on starting around 8pm.
    Saturday night - CPT Aye - Aye cocktails, disco and games from 7.30pm till late .
      2013-07-06   Hi

    The Sailing Instructions for the Vernon Dawson have now been posted.
      2013-06-14   Hi
    SI's for the Witby - Hartlepool race hace been posted
    The bar times and social arrangements for the Whitby weekend have also been posted under the Sailing Instructions
      2013-06-12   A quick heads up for competitors intending doing the Whitby - HPool race - start time 09.00!!

      2013-06-06   Hi folks

    The Bass Rock race results have been posted - as have the Sailing Instructions for the Overnight Race
      2013-05-14   hi Just a brief reminder - the first races of the inshore series take place this weekend at Hartlepool.

    If you would like to take part you need to register with NECRA now if you have not already done so. It would be very helpful to THYC if you could also indicate your Intention to Race (see menu on the LHS)
      2013-04-25   Hi folks

    Arrangements for THYC Necra regatta have been posted under Sailing Instructions. The actual SIs will be posted as soon as the NOR and class divisions have been finalised by the committee.
      2013-04-07   Hi
    The next meeting of the NECRA committee is on Fridasay 12 April. One of the agenda items is class structure for 2013. To date class splits (other than white sail) have been defined by boat ratings. Alternatives are being considered eg - light/heavy as defined by (disp/lwl) ratio or (sa/disp) ratio. If you have any views on a prefered method, please contact your NECRA rep as soon as possible.
      2012-12-13   Hi

    The provisional 2013 race programme has now been posted on the website.

    An e-mail has been sent to all on the database in an attempt to check out email addresses as well as update the records. If you have been registered with NECRA in the past 10 years you should have received a copy. If you have not yet replied, please do so!! If you have not had a copy of the e-mail, please contact me with your current e-mail address and I will ensure it is updated on the system.
      2012-12-07   The programme for 2013 has now been posted, see Menu item -Provisional Programme 2013.
      2012-12-02   Next committee meeting - 5 December - to finalise the NECRA progremme. (an outline in the minutes of the AGM). If you have any comments/views contact your rep asap .
      2012-11-30   Hi Again

    Appologies for the delay in sorting out the problems with news and photos. Hopefully the site is now working correctly again!

    What has happened since the last post? The AGM, Prizegiving and Open Meeting have been held. Minutes are posted on the site. There is also a collection of photos in the photo gallery.

    Over the next few weeks I intend to update the site a little. One alteration will be to dd the facility for crew members to join the database and receive e-mails. I also intend to check out e-mail addresses that i have, as some people appear not to be receiving bulk e-mails. Please bear with me if you get some test posting from the site - it is the only way i can confirm what is actually happening.
      2012-06-07   For any NECRA competitor who was intending to do the Vernon Dawson race (Scarborough to Whitby) - it has been postponed until 6 October!
      2012-06-05   Start times and Sailing Instructions for the Farnes Race and the Sunderland - Whitby overnight race have now been posted.
      2012-05-19   Course sheet and chartlet showing marks for THYC NECRA regatta have now been posted. If you have not yet registered, you need to do so over the next couple of days to avoid a surcharge!
      2012-05-16   The Sailing Instructions for the THYC NECRA regatta 2012 have now been posted, THYC courses will follow shortly!
      2012-05-11   Hi
    This season Whitby YC have extended an invitation to participate in their Vernon Dawson race (Scarborough to Whitby) to boats from all NECRA affiliated yacht clubs. Details can be obtained by clicking on this Vernon Dawson details (pdf ).

    This event is always well supported by SYC and WYC boats, so if you fancy racing in a big fleet why not take part?
      2012-02-07   Minutes of the last (Jan) Committee Meeting have now been posted.

    Advanced Notice- there is to be an Open Meeting (Extra-odinary General Meeting?) to ratify the new Committee Members on Friday 17 Feb at THYC.

    The agenda and formal notice will be issued shortly.
      2012-02-03   Details of the 2012 programme have been posted. Unconfirmed times will be updated as soon as they are available. The Committee is working hard on this and other items like NOR so keep checking for updates. larry
      2011-12-19   The minutes of the most recent committee meeting have been published.

    .Please note the provisional programme. If you have any comments please contact you NECRA rep and make your views known.
      2011-12-13   Great news! The NECRA Reps have met with David Wheldon (SYC) and Barry Hughes (THYC). The two have agreed to act as Chairman and Secretary pro-tem to enable NECRA to continue to function and put together a 2012 programme. An extra-ordinary meeting will be called in the spring to elect (confirm?) the new officials. Minutes of the meeting will be published shortly - together with a provisional programme for 2012,

    I wish the committee and the new officers every success.

      2011-09-12   The NECRA AGM will be held in Tees & Hartlepool Yacht Club on Wednesday, 19th October at 7.30pm.
      2011-06-09   The NECRA regatta results have been posted. a rather windy weekend that perhaps discouraged some visitors from attending!

    The next event is the popular Overnight race from Sunderland to Whitby on 17 June. Sailing Instructions have been posted
      2011-05-20   The Sailing Instructions for the NECRA Regatta at Hartlepool have now been posted. Visiting boats should inform the Marina that they are NECRA competitors - special rates have been agreed.

    Please also remember, late registration incurs and additional late registration fee!
      2011-04-15   The minutes of the April Committee Meeting have been posted. They contain the confirmed programme and arrangements for the NECRA Regatta at THYC.
      2011-01-20   The Race program for 2011 has now been posted.

    The new registration form is also available - why not register now whilst you remember?
      2010-12-07   Minutes of the November Committee Meeting have been posted. They contain suggestions for next years programme - if you have any comments, get in touch with your local NECRA rep asap.
      2010-11-28   The minutes of the 2010 AGM and Open meeting have been posted.
      2010-10-08   The agenda for this years AGM has been posted on the Committee Minutes page.

    The AGM will be followed by the 2010 Prize Giving and a free curry supper. There will be an Open meeting later in the evening when all can express their views on the 2010 season and discuss changes for 2011.
      2010-09-02   The Sailing Instructions for the Whitby Mini Series has just been posted. If the instructions are anything to go by, it looks as though it will be a cracking event. Food will be available in the yacht club on Saturday night - together with music!!
      2010-08-01   The Sailing Instructions for the two feeder races to the Tall Ships at Hartlepool have just been posted.

    Sorry for the short notice, I have just got back from holiday!
      2010-05-10   Update on the mooring concessions for the Spring Bank Holiday regatta:-

    Berthing for the Necra weekend will be £10 per night per boat in the marina, and if visiting yachts would like the week before, it will be £50 per boat per week.

    There will also be a curry supper available in THYC on Saturday evening.
      2010-05-06   The sailing instructions and courses have been posted for the first NECRA event at Hartlepool (Spring Bank Holiday weekend). Further details regarding arrangements for catering and moorings will be posted here as they become available. For those who have not yet registered with NECRA, please note that the Hon Sec would appreciate your doing so well prior to the event rather than on the day (besides which is cheaper!!).
      2010-01-21   Compliments of the season to all

    The minutes of the most recent committee meeting has been posted. This includes the confirmed programme for the 2010 season.

    Could members please register as soon as possible as late entries causes the HOn Sec much angst.
      2009-12-03   The minutes of the last committee meeting have been posted. This includes a provisional race program for 2010.

    If you have any comments, please contact your club rep to make your views known!
      2009-10-06   Hi folks,
    Sorry for the problems over the last couple of days - our domain host had a catastrophic server failure on Saturday night and everything was lost! It means that the site has been restored from backups that i maintain on my computers.

    However, some of the more recent data has been lost and will need to be re-inputted - which will take a little time. Please be patient, the site should be back to normal in a few days
      2009-09-09   The Sailing Instructions for the last event of the season (19 September) have been posted.

    THYC bar will be open from 5pm - food served until 9pm - live music 9-9.30pm - quiz 9.30-10.30pm - live music until 11pm ish. All welcome!

      2009-09-03   You may have noticed a change in the format of the news!

    This is to facilitate quicker posting of news items. The system has been re-written to make it easier for the NECRA Secretary to do this usually, rather than pass the information on to the web-master.
      2008-09-10   The next Committee Meeting will take place on Wednesdsay 17 September. This will be the last meeting of the current committee before the AGM. The Agenda has been posted in the Minutes of Meetings Section. If you have any points to raise about the results, please contact your rep or e-mail webmaster as soon as possible. They will be ratified at the meeting!
      2008-09-16   Apologies, despite what it said on 3rd September, the Overall Results (provisional until ratified at meeting on Wednesday) have just been posted!

    Dates for your diary, AGM - Saturday 4 October at THYC, Prizegiving - Saturday 25 October at SYC.
      2008-09-29   The AGM is to be held on Saturday 4 October, 7.30 in THYC. To date there have been no nominations for the Management Committee. Without a committee it is difficult to see how NECRA can continue - if the membership values NECRA, then something needs to happen!!

    The minutes of the last committee meeting have been posted.
      2008-11-08   The 2008 AGM was adjourned - there were no nominations for Chairman or Treasurer although we have a new Secretary. The meeting will be re-convened after giving clubs and the membership the opportunity to put together a management committee for 2009. Failing this I am open to suggestions as how to proceed. The minutes of the adjourned meeting have been posted.
    Both the Prizegiving and adjourned AGM will be held at 8pm on Wednesday 3 December at THYC. A free buffet will follow the meetings. There will only be one item on the agenda of the re-convened AGM- Can NECRA continue as an organisation without a management committee? If you have any interest in NECRA continuing to function as a viable organisation, then this is your last chance to make your views heard. Notice of the meeting will be sent to all names on the NECRA database. Obviously the meeting is open to ANYONE interested in NECRA.
      2008-12-17   Great news, a new Management Committee was formed at the re-convened AGM. Details of the officials are available under the Contacts menu item.

    The minutes of the new committee's first meeting have been posted. A draft programme for 2009 has been proposed and is in the minutes.
      2009-01-13   A Happy New Year to all Necra competitors.

    The Committee will be meeting on Sunday 18 January, when amongst other things it will confirm the 2008 programme. The Agenda has been posted. If you have any views, get in touch with your reps ASAP!
      2009-01-22   The NECRA Committee met at the weekend and finalised the 2009 programme. The minutes of the meeting and the programme have been posted.

    Registrations for the 2009 season are welcomed - remember, the sooner you register, the more likely you are to stimulate others to do the same. Please use the on-line registration form.
      2009-04-16   The next Committee Meeting is Sunday 26 April, so if there is anything you wish to have raised, please see your NECRA rep as soon as possible.

    Registration is now open for the 2009 season - early registration benefits everyone - it gives the Secretary more time to get organized and gives other competitors the encouragement to join in. Why not do it now if you have not already registered? What have you got too lose?
      2009-04-19   Details of the NECRA regatta can be found by clicking on the link here - [NECRA Regatta poster].
      2009-05-08   Provisional Sailing Instructions have been posted for the NECRA Regatta at Hartlepool. With free moorings in the marina for competitors, it promises to be a well supported event, weather permitting!
      2009-08-03   Members may be interested in this forthcoming event at Whitby which preceeds the NECRA weekend. Click on the link here for details [Mini Event Poster (pdf) ]