1 Rules

Racing will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing, RYA prescriptions and NECRA regulations as may be modified by the Sailing Instructions except that :-

Between the hours of sunset to sunrise the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea or Government Right of Way rules shall replace the corresponding ISAF rules and Navigation lights will be displayed.

2 Advertising

Category C advertising is permitted.

3 Entries

3.1 The Series are open to all registered NECRA boats having a current NERR rating certificate and meeting the required ISAF Special Regulations.

3.2 Registration shall be in writing on the form available from the NECRA Secretary or from the NECRA website. For the 2020 season the registration fee is £20.

3.3 Boats registering within 3 days of a NECRA event in which they wish to compete will be subject to an additional late registration fee of £5.

3.4 Boats must have a valid third party insurance to the minimum value of 2 million pounds sterling.

3.5 The NECRA Management Committee reserve the right to refuse a yacht's entry to any of the NECRA Series races.

4 Classes

The TCF figures defining classes for the season are as follows:-

4.1 Class 1 NERR rating system TCF 0.9 and above.

4.2 Class 2 NERR rating system TCF less than 0.9.

4.3 Class 3 is designated a 'white sail' class. Boats in this class shall not use a spinnaker and their non-spinnaker NERR rating will be used to calculate their results.

4.4 Yachts may race in different classes for the Inshore and Offshore Series.

4.5 All boats must declare on their Registration Form which classes they wish to sail in for the Regatta and Offshore Series.

5 Sailing Instructions

5.1 When available, Provisional Sailing Instructions will be posted on the NECRA website.

5.2 Written Sailing Instructions will be available not later than 2 hours before the scheduled start for the event concerned from the Yacht Club starting the event.

6 Declarations

6.1 No written declaration will be required unless the Sailing Instructions change this.

7 Scoring

7.1 The Low Point scoring system of RRS Appendix A will apply to each race.

7.2 For the Inshore series the best 4 races will count.

7.3 For the Offshore series the best 5 races will count.

7.4 For the Winter series the best 5 races will count

7.5 For the new member trophy all events will count.

8 Ratings

8.1 A valid NERR ratings certificate must be carried onboard at all times.

8.2 A list of all registered boats and their handicaps will be maintained on the NECRA website.

9 Scoring - Club Championship

For races with less than 5 boats starting, points will be calculated on the basis of 5 boats starting.

10 Results

Results for each race will be posted on the NECRA website as soon as possible after the completion of each race.

11 Trophies

11.1 Trophies will be awarded to the class winners for both the NECRA Inshore series and the NECRA Offshore series.

11.2 The 'New Members Trophy' will be presented to the most successful new NECRA member of the season.

11.3 A trophy will be awarded for the Club Championship.

11.4 Other trophies may be presented at the committees discretion.

11.5 NECRA yacht of the year will be decided by the NECRA Committee and will be based on a combination of results, support of the events and overall contribution to NECRA.

12 Safety

12.1 The minimum requirements for boats to compete in NECRA events are specified as:-.

Inshore series:- All classes shall meet ISAF Offshore Special Regulations, Appendix B Special Regulations for inshore racing

Offshore series:- All classes shall meet ISAF Offshore Special Regulations Category 4, with NECRA prescriptions (below).

A 'checklist' may be provided that skippers of registered boats will be required to sign and return to NECRA.

12.2 Automatic or wind-vane steering is permitted (changes RRS 52).

12.3 Competitors must, in addition, satisfy any additional regulations specified by the host Yacht Club in their Sailing Instructions for the event.

13 Radio Communications

13.1 All competitors must confirm their intention to race and declare the number of people onboard before the starting sequence begins.

13.2 Other than for safety reasons, a boat shall neither make nor receive radio communication during the race that is not available to all boats racing. These restrictions also apply to mobile telephones.

14 Disclaimer of Liability

Competitors participate in NECRA events entirely at their own risk. NECRA and the organising clubs will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after any NECRA event.