Minutes of NECRA Management Meeting held at T&HYC

12th April 2005


Dave Wheldon
Harold Usherwood
Ken Cameron
Dennis House
Colin Jackson
Peter Stenner (Chairman)
Terry Hogg
John Allen


Peter Cousins
Tony Graves

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 14th Dec.04 were accepted with the qualification on moorings at Roker Regatta where it is hoped to avoid the problems experienced in 2004


- Confirmed that there will be a social event at T&HYC on Friday 27th May for boats arriving for the 'Southern Triangle'
- RNYC has obtained 2500 of funding to support two events one of which is the Farnes Race. It is planned to have all boats finish this race by mid afternoon Sat. to maximise the social activities on the Sat evening.
- Peter S. issued posters and programme cards advertising NECRA activities for distributing amongst members and clubs.
- John Allen was asked to check if discounted moorings could be made available for visiting yachts at Whitby.

Sailing Instructions

- Dave W. will produce a 'Notice of Race' similar to last year, specific sailing instructions will be produced as follows:
- Whitby to Hartlepool - T&HYC
- Whitby overnight - WYC
- It was agreed that NECRA would delete RRS52 (and therefore allow the use of powered winches and autohelms) for coastal races.
- NESS committee has not yet met however the NECRA Mgt is requesting that the RORC rule on the wearing of lifejackets (at night, alone on deck, when reefed, in fog, above 25kts true) is strongly recommended to NECRA skippers.


- The new NERR system together with the NECRA website is now promised by 15 April, if this deadline is not met 2004 ratings will be used for the Spring series
- ScYC insisted that NERR must be very close to IRC for it to be acceptable to ScYC members
- If new system not available by 19 April a further NECRA Mgt meeting will be held to discuss way forward.

Web Site

Peter S. explained the difficult situation that had developed from asking two separate members to develop a web site. It is hoped to have the site developed by Martin Forster up and running by 15 April, Martin will also maintain it on an ongoing commercial basis. A letter of thanks to be sent to Larry Wilkinson for the excellent work he has done in developing a parallel site.


Registration forms for 2005 were issued for use by the respective clubs. It was agreed that registration would be free for this year.


It was agreed that protests are the responsibility of the host club.

Date of next Meeting

19.30 on 6th September at T&HYC

Terry Hogg