Minutes of NECRA Management Meeting held at T&HYC

14 Dec 2004


Dave Wheldon
Harold Usherwood
Ken Cameron
Dennis House

Tony Graves
Alan Smith
Colin Jackson
Peter Stenner (Chairman)
Terry Hogg


Agreed that the following new events would be included in the NECRA programme.

- A 'Southern Event' comprising a bay race at Hartlepool,

- A Hartlepool to Whitby race and a social at Whitby on 28 May.

- A Whitby bay race, a race to Scarborough and a social at Scarborough on 29 May.

- A bay race at Scarborough on 30 May.

- A Farnes race to replace the Bass Rock starting at Royal Quays on 10 June finishing at RNYC. A flexible course to be decided prior to the race. Berthing at Royal quays the week before the race at reduced rates for NECRA boats.


- Roker Regatta, there will be a change to the way moorings are allocated next year to avoid the problems experienced this year.

- Blyth, no problems, a nominal fee will be charged.

- Hartlepool, should be able to negotiate reduced fees as in previous years.

- Scarborough, hope to accommodate visiting boats in main harbour. (TH to write letter to SYC emphasising need for floating moorings)

Interclub Big Boat Challenge

After some discussion it was agreed that this was not a suitable event for the NECRA programme and should not be run under the auspices of NECRA. An alternative title of 'RNYC Interclub Sailing Event' was suggested.

Cruising Boats

It was agreed that NECRA should attempt to be more inclusive and cater more for the cruising sailor in addition to the competitive sailor. To this end the following proposals were accepted:

NE Sailing Programme

It would be advantageous to have a combined NE Sailing Programme showing key events for each NECRA Club. T Hogg will compile if provided with copies of all clubs programmes by end January.


Discussion on whether to use IRC or NERR rating systems for Class One boats.

Agreed that new NERR ratings should be reviewed in March and if concerns still exist skippers should be balloted.

Dinner & Prize giving

To be held at Sunderland YC on 8th October.

North Sea Race/ Scarborough YC

Date fixed for this years North Sea Race, 2006 will be a different landfall and 2007 a different format.

2007 is also Scarborough YC's centenary year and they are looking to hold a significant event during the August bank holiday weekend 2007.

Peter Stenner and Dave Wheldon are to visit Scarborough YC at a date to be agreed to give an explanatory presentation on NECRA.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at T&HYC at 7.30 12 April 05.

Terry Hogg