Minutes of NECRA Management Meeting held at T&HYC

6th Sept 05

1 Present

P. Stenner (Chairman)
H. Usherwood
K. Cameron
T. Graves
T. Hogg
D. Wheldon
J. Allen
L. Wilkinson

2. Appologies

P. Cossins

3.Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted with the following addition
' It was agreed that up to 500 be allocated to WYC for a social evening on Sat 28 May.

4. Review of Programme

- Southern Triangle was again disrupted by adverse weather with no one completing the first leg Hartlepool to Whitby. However the events at Whitby and Scarborough were very successful. It was agreed that the format worked well.

- Farnes Race, very successful event with 14 boats entering.

- Sunderland to Whitby, successful event with good social in WYC on evening.
Reduced mooring fees offered but with conditions that made it difficult to accept.

- Roker, Relatively low turn out by visiting cruisers and races had to be rescheduled due to weather

- Blyth, well supported event with very good organisation, excellent social made possible by good sponsorship.

All NECRA events had an increase in entries compared with 2004, which tends to indicate that the 2005 programme was well received.

5. Finance

Harold Usherwood issued a financial statement showing a positive balance of 5916.21

It was agreed that all expenditure from NECRA funds requires the approval of the management committee before being committed.

6. Ratings

The revised NERR system has been implemented but there is still a considerable amount of dissatisfaction amongst members with a number of obvious anomalies being identified.

T&HYC representatives complained that NERR certificates had not been issued. This seems to be a local problem with T&HYC rating officer. DW offered to run certificates off if required.

It was confirmed that NERR is independent of NECRA and has been since NECRA went down the IRC route some time ago.

Dave Wheldon accepted responsibility to coordinate the current issues and concerns and report back to the NECRA management

7. WEB Site

There has been no activity or response from Martin Foster who was supposed to be developing the web site, it was accepted that going down this route was the wrong decision.

Larry Wilkinson agreed to resurrect the previous work he carried out on an alternative web site and to register a new domain name.


To be held at SYC on 8th October

Dave Wheldon will provide posters for other clubs to advertise the event

Barry Hughes to be asked to coordinate trophies.

9. AGM

1st of November at 8.00 at T&HYC Please note this a week later than the date discussed at the meeting. Please let me know if this gives any problems before I sent the notice out Buffet to be provided at NECRA expense similar to last year.

10. Future Management

The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary will be standing down at the AGM, nominations will be requested for these posts when notice of the meeting is circulated.

Larry Wilkinson agreed to be nominated for the post of Chairman.


There was discussion on whether NECRA should allow sports boats to enter offshore events. This topic needs to be addressed by the new committee with regards to separate sports boat class and safety issues

It was also suggested that there should be some discussion on whether NECRA should change its name to more accurately reflect the current make up of boats.

12. Date of Next Meeting

19.30 on 15th November at T&HYC.

Terry Hogg
NECRA Secretary
11 Sept 05