NECRA AGM held at T&HYC on 30 Nov 04

A. Minutes of Meeting

1. Apologies

There were no apologies

2. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held 6th 2003 September at RNYC were accepted

3. Financial Statement

Harold Usherwood presented the current financial position showing a total fund of 5994.73 at 30th November 04

4. Chairman's Report

The chairman gave a summary of the years events which led into a discussion on the future management of NECRA. After a lengthy discussion and a number of various proposals it was agreed to continue with the existing management structure plus one additional representative from each club.

5. Election of Officers

There were no nominations for officers therefore the existing management were elected for a further year
Peter Stenner Chairman
Dave Wheldon Vice Chairman
Harold Usherwood Treasurer
Terry Hogg Secretary

6. AOB

There were no issues raised.

B. Discussion

1. Subscriptions

After some discussion and alternative proposals it was agreed that full members would pay 10 and associate members 5 for 2005.

2. Web Site

Larry Wilkinson agreed to develop a NECRA website and requested input from members as to preferred content

3. 2005 Programme

A draft programme was presented which was deemed not to be acceptable by the majority of members. New programme needs to address a more equitable split between North and South, and involve Scarborough YC. Members were reminded that ECW will be based at Blyth and Coquet next year.

4. Ratings

It was suggested that the new committee should consider reverting back to IRC for class 1 boats.

The meeting closed at 21.45

Terry Hogg
NECRA Secretary