1st November 2005


Peter Stenner.

Because of the Chair's absence, Vice Chairman David Wheldon chaired the meeting.

Minutes of AGM 2004

These were accepted as a true record of the previous meeting.

Financial statement

The Treasurer, Harold Usherwood, presented a financial report to 31/10/05. At that time the Association had a balance of £5633.52. The majority of the funds were in the form of shares in Northern Rock.


David presented a brief review of the 2005 season.

Election of Officers

There was 1 nomination for each of the posts of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Larry Wilkinson (THYC) was elected Chairman.
Lisa Groves (RNYC) was elected Secretary.
Harold Userwood was elected Treasurer.

The post of Vice Chairman remains vacant.


There were no further items raised.

Discussion following meeting

It was noted that there was only a small number of NECRA members attending the meeting. At the moment it would seem that there is little active interest in NECRA.

There was some discussion relating to sportsboats and their standing in NECRA which appears unclear at the moment.

There were a number of issues raised concerning ratings. It was pointed out that NECRA had no control over this, it is the responsibility of NERR.

Larry Wilkinson gave a brief review of what he saw the priorities were for the 2006 season. These were briefly:-