4 October 2008


L J Wilkinson - Chairman
H Usherwood - Treasurer
K Cameron, J Carter, I Holtby
Mrs B Jameson, B Jameson
G Wilkinson, C Jackson


Peter Bolton.
Nigel Robinson

Minutes of AGM 2007

These were accepted as a true record of the previous meeting.

Financial statement

The Treasurer, Harold Usherwood, presented a financial report for 2008. Despite the collapse of Northern Rock shares, NECRA remains financially healthy.

Chairman's Report

Larry presented a brief review of the 2008 season. Registrations were a little down on last year, but still quite healthy. Whilst many events were adversely afected by the weather, there were more boats taking part in offshore events than for many years.

Election of Officers

There was 1 nomination for the post of Secretary. Nigel Robinson (WYC) was unanimously elected Secretary.

The posts of Chairman and Treasurer remain vacant.

At this point there was a brief discussion of the implications of having an organisation without a Managment team. It was felt that it was difficult or impossible for NECRA to continue in its current format without more involvement from the membership. Eventually, it was decided to adjourn the AGM and report back to the clubs and the membership on the current state of affairs. After this a re-convened AGM would be held with only one item on the agenda - the future of NECRA.

The meeting closed at 8.10pm

Discussion following meeting

It was noted that there was only a very small number of NECRA members attending the meeting. At the moment it would seem that there is little active interest in NECRA. Yet the general feeling was that the membership would wish NECRA to continue.

Some discussion followed on the nature of the 2008 program and the adverse impact of the weather on turnouts. The single NECRA Regatta at Hartlepool was felt to have been very attractive and should be repeated. It was pointed out that the 2009 programme needed to be decided soon to permit clubs to incorporate the events into the calendar. It was also pointed out that clubs could run some of the more popular events as Open events if the demise of NECRA were to come about.