Meeting Tuesday 13th December 2005 7:30pm


- Tony Graves, John Allen


- Peter, Colin.


- Larry, Harold, Lisa, Ken, David, Nick Spur (NESS), Gerry Firth(Whitby),

Minutes of last meeting (15.11.05)

Agreed as an accurate account.

Matters arising

RNYC moved Bass rock 9th/10th June - ideal (? Points)
NERR hopeful to have website sorted for Jan, with visitor rights for everyone

Item 1 - Programme 2006

Harold spoken to Matt Simms regarding spring series, similar format to 2005. TSC organised, RQ merely facilitate. NECRA boats welcome. Sportsboat dominated the 2005 event. Royal Quays happy to circulate NECRA forms and calendar. Results openly available. To count as NECRA championship, count as part of the inshore series. Further meeting needed. NECRA to allocate trophies. Larry suggests we invite a representative from TSC to join NECRA committee.

David pointed out some errors in dates. Now corrected, see calendar.
THYC own the feeders on the 24th June.

Item 2 - NESS

Larry thanked Nick for attending. Nick gave a brief background to NESS. Started 2000/2001. Was originally very well supported. Not being driven as much as it needs to be recently. No meeting for 18months. Nick feels NESS reinvents the wheel. Safety regulations are extensively published by ISAF on the internet, note that this now includes sportsboats. If NECRA wishes to continue NESS then Nick suggests that we use the safety officers to inspect and issue a certificate in line with ORC / ISAF regulations. Amended frequently on-line. Larry to link the NECRA web to ISAF site. Larry questioned some issues around certain exceptions that NESS have made to encourage more vessels to participate. There are concerns that if we enforce regulations too strictly people will walk away. One big issue is sportsboats and safety regulations. (There are regulations on ISAF site relating to sportsboats).

Is the current NESS team workable? Nick thinks that it is. Consequently NECRA requests that NESS review the regulations and make the necessary recommendations. Nick feels that it is a reasonable undertaking. Larry feels re-printing the NESS booklet is unnecessary - that the regs can be made available electronically and printed by anyone who wants copy. NESS asked to review in time for next meeting - moved to the Thursday 9th February 7:30pm THYC. Inspections and certificates to continue.

Lisa suggested that sportsboats not eligible for offshore events should pay a reduced rate. This idea was rejected.

Tony suggested compulsory wearing of life jackets on sportsboats due to the relatively unstable nature of the vessels. Lifejackets are compulsory at Windemere.

Item 3 - Social events

Encourage host clubs to provide refreshments for events. Then an annual prize giving dinner. May or may not have a registration event but if we do it will be very simple event.

Item 4 - Newsletter

Many missing addresses supplied by David, Lisa, and John. Larry a happy bunny.

Content - programme, registration details, safety comment (Nick), new committee, sportsboat, mini review of events. Trophy winners 2005. Promote club trophy. David and Ken to put a little bit about Roker. Lisa to do one for Blyth Regatta. To be sent out between Christmas and New Year.

Item 5 - NERR

Things sound hopeful for January. Larry to speak to Dave Wheldon as NERR chairman.

Item 6 - Trophies

There are a lot of unpresented trophies (currently cared for by Larry). Need to be audited (Larry and Harold). We should allocate them as decided tonight.

Club championship scoring system suggestions to be formulated by Lisa and circulated for discussion.

Race scoring systems - we suggest RYA low points system, Appendix A of race rules for events. NECRA to continue with race days. Inshore series there are 9 race days 6 to count. Coastal series 5 races (not inc North Sea Race) 4 to count.


* NERR currently provide 2 ratings, white sail and spinnaker. Can NERR specify that white sail rating only applies when the race is designated white sail? NECRA specify that vessels must decide their class on the registration form.

* NECRA to suggest to clubs that the sportsboats could sail a separate course during inshore events.

* Is it possible to send a NECRA form out with the club membership forms? Larry informs they can be printed freely off the internet. Harold suggests that we also print off some forms and distribute to the clubs. Larry to update the form and Harold to organise printing, then distribution to each club.

* Larry wants some funny stuff to liven the web site up with. Lisa to contact Doug for Blyth regatta photos.

* Suggestions for future agenda - development plan, publicity.

Meeting closed 21:16

Lisa Groves