Thursday 30th March 2006


Tony, Peter


Larry, Lisa, Nick, John, Colin, Harold, David, Ken


to David Wheldon and Peter Stenner

Matters arising

Sunderland YC proposal

Raised by SYC sailing comm. SYC reduce their racing to support NECRA. Several pros and cons were discussed. After much discussion it was decided to leave the programme as it is. Next year we need to closely check this situation to avoid this problem again.


Lots of new boats, 35 registrations, 13 from RNYC, very positive.


Lots of issues associated with the implementation of what was agreed at the last meeting. PS and DW have stepped in to try to rectify and simplify safety regs.
Reviewed NESS 2002 regs and also the ISAF regs. Logic to try and make the regs fair for the vessels that compete in each class.
There are certain regs that apply to actual structure, these are direct from ISAF but they will mostly be down graded to strongly recommended (SR).
Safety officers want to check equipment NOT structure.
ISAF 5 has been scaled up as it was seen as inadequate for this coast. It is now more in line with cat 4. Both 5 and 4 will be required to carry additional equipment for overnight races. See separate document for details.
Updated version to be finalised by NESS and published via the NECRA website and individual club websites.

Choice of classes

Vessels can enter a class for a series. E.g. Sports boats can race under class 1 for offshore and sports boats for inshore series. This is decided at the beginning of the season.
The vessels will have to meet the required safety standards.

NERR update

Prize giving

7th October ok

Notice of race



Discussion board now being used
Larry would like other committee members to contribute to replies


NECRA mark can be used for RNYC sports boat regatta If repairs need making to the mark Lisa should organise this
Bass rock / Farne's race (majority of NECRA comm are in favour of a bass rock race)
Members meeting due April - in constitution. Decision taken to not hold this year as registration well established. Also concern about attendance ( eg last AGM).
Financial report on next agenda.
Bridge operation change at Whitby. Every weekend extra bridge at 09:30 and also an evening bridge. This will not be all year.
Start times of events needed. Club reps check and feed back to Larry.
We often revisit topics. This will continue until we are happy with issues.

Next meeting

Thursday 25th May 2006