Wednesday 20th December 2006


Larry Wilkinson - Chairman
Harold Usherwood - Treasurer
Alan Cooper - THYC
Dave Wheldon (NERR)


Ken Cameron - WBA
Nigel Robinson - WYC
Dave Mathews - SYC

With regard to committee membership, the Chairman was seeking representation from CYC.

Previous minutes


Matters arising from 30th November meeting:

1. Programme for 2007 season - feed back from the clubs that provisional programme as issued was OK, without amendments. Committee therefore agreed to accept programme as established for 2007.

WYC confirmed that provisional arrangements made with M Coates for yachts requiring lift-in/lift-out services at NECRA WYC Regatta. To keep cost to a minimum a specific time for lifts is to be arranged - projected concessionary costs of 35/40 per yacht.

Chairman had received a reply from SYC following concern over NECRA Regatta / Sonata Championship clash - SYC are to accept a port authority offer on use of South Docks for Sonata fleet - NECRA yachts to be accommodated in the marina. DW informed the committee that there was to be a SYC meeting regarding the Regatta and Sonata Championship at SYC on 9th January 2007.

2. Class boundaries -are to remain as last year although yachts can opt to race in higher class but will then have to accept higher-class minimum boundary.

3. Trophies - Treasurer gave a brief report on replacement options for some trophies - to remain as agenda item for discussion during winter season.


DW presented the current thinking of NERR for the forthcoming season.

Following a meeting of NERR on the 28th November DW gave a progress report and confirmed that full report was available on NERR web site.

Website now available for open access - access can be made either direct or via the NECRA home page link - NECRA agreed to continue the web link to the NERR site and to the NERR minutes for its members.
NECRA interest - LW & AC had accessed the NERR site and felt that, while it could still be a little more user friendly, it was an excellent step forward.

A problem with shallow draft boats had been identified and is being addressed.

Under consideration is a change to sportsboats within the ratings rule, with provision ensuring that their TCF's line up against other yachts for club racing.

Anomalies have been reduced by accurate measurement of boats.


Still concern expressed by clubs regarding this organisation.

AC informed the committee that he had also agreed to become THYC rep. on NESS.

THYC was considering adopting ISAF categories as published.

Date of next meeting:

21st February at 19.30 hours, venue THYC.

Meeting closed 20.20 hours

Alan Cooper

22 Dec 2006