Wednesday 21 February 2007


Larry Wilkinson - Chairman
Harold Usherwood - Treasurer
Ken Cameron - WBA


Alan Cooper - THYC
Nigel Robinson - WYC
Lisa Groves - RNYC

Previous minutes


Matters arising from December 2006 meeting:


Registrations update

Alan Cooper reports that the registrations are comming in steadily, with THYC already up on last season! Harold Usherwood reported that as of Sunday he had received fees of £170.

Financial position update

The financial position of NECRA is healthy, the total funds remaining almost unchanged from last year. Expenditure and income are almost equal. There has been no further response from Northern Rock re the matter refered to in previous minutes. The amount continues to be kept in a suspense account for the moment.

The committee are to explore the possibility of providing discounted moorings as well as food for social events for NECRA members this season.

Timetable for information for the website

Following requests from members for more information to be made available for planning purposes, it was agreed that club reps should be approached for the following information. This is required as soon as possible, and no later than 1 April (so that it can be placed on the website before the start of the season)

Provisional start times of races,
Provisional race instructions,
Details of social events/food availability before or after events,
Provisional moorings arrangements,
Launching facilities/arrangements/costs for sportsboats.

NERR update

NERR is continuing to work on the identification and classification of keel types. They have another meeting scheduled for 27 February, when they are hoping to finalise the formula for 2007.

NESS update

B Purdy has been contacted and infomed us that there is to be a NESS meeting on 27 Feb to discuss this years safety requirements and has asked for comments/constructive criticism from this committee.

Committee felt that NESS regulations were published too late last season, that they were difficult to keep track of and had too many modifications from ISAF. The consensus was that following ISAF recomendations was a much more defensible position in the unfortunate advent of an accident. It was noted that Royal Quays was doing just this for their Spring Series.

IRC to NERR conversion

In order to help members from clubs that do not have a NERR measurer, boats newly registered with NECRA that hold a current IRC rating (but not yet having a current NERR certificate), will be permitted to race NECRA. Their results will be calculated using a temporary rating, derived from their IRC rating, until they are able to be measured by a NERR measurer and obtain a full NERR certificate.

Registration/Open meeting

It was felt that a meeting could prove useful this season and should be held first week in April. Club reps to be asked for views on the best day of week and location for such an event.

Next newsletter - content and contributions

Target publication date prior to first event in 2007. Provide update on registrations, social arrangements etc. Identify new boats/skippers.

Suggested that club representatives be asked to provide a brief synopsis of their clubs registered boats and owners to be published in the newsletter - two clubs per issue. Again boat photos would be welcomed.

Club association and representation

The NECRA committee currently has no representative from Coquet, Tynemouth or Scarborough. As the committee has the ability to co-opt members, registed owners from these clubs may be approached with a view to joining the committee.

Date of next meeting

11 April, THYC, 7.30pm


There was no other business. The meeting closed at 9pm.

Larry Wilkinson