Thursday 30th May 2006


Lisa Groves, Nick Spur


Larry, Harold, Colin (THYC), David Mathews(SYC), Ken (WBA), Peter Cosins (CYC), David Wheldon (NESS)

Matters arising

Discussion of Class 4 situation. Currently only 1 boat registered, unless another 3 register in the class soon, it will be merged with Class 3.

Only 1 boat so far has taken the opportunity to register in a different class for the Offshore series.

Financial Report

Harold presented a financial statement showing income and expenditure for previous year and details of year to date. (Copy below).

Basically, income from earlier investment continues to keep NECRA finances healthy.

This year however, expenditure is expected to be up through the publication of several newsletters and hopefully engraving of trophies.

Review of Spring Series

14 registered boats took part - 8 sports boats, 4 class 1, 2 class 2

Racing very well organised by RQ and TynemouthSC.

Weather on first day caused a lot of damage and some safety concerns. (See separate comments by chair of NESS).

Remaining days went very smoothly.

Some concerns expressed about using 3 weekends for NECRA racing so early in the season and the very large contribution it makes to the overall results (4 race days out of a possible 9, with only 5 to count). Committee to re-think arrangements for next year.


David Wheldon presented a draft of the proposed NESS Offshore regulations. It is hoped that these will be ratified by the NESS Committee before the end of May.

The same approach has been taken to the Inshore requirements - the NESS committee have concentrated on those parts of ISAF Cat 3 and 4 regulations that are appropriate to NECRA sailing and have made them mandatory. Others have been downgraded to Strongly recommended.

In particular David pointed out that engine power is likely to be mandatory, along with 30% of crew safety lines less than 1m and lifejacket lights.

There was also some discussion on the merits(?) of not requiring boats to have fixed berths or cooking facilities.

The updated version to be finalised by NESS and published via the NECRA website and individual websites as soon as possible.

NERR update

All clubs have been circulated with an up to date set of ratings. These should be identical across the clubs as they are all taken from the same NERR web site.

NERR in the process of issuing certificates to owners.

Little change on the web front as NERR webmaster currently hospitalised.

Registrations Update

40 boats registered. 10 sports boats, 13 Class 1, 10 class 2, 5 class 3, 1 class 4.

The distribution across clubs. CYC - 4, RNYC -15, SYC - 6, THYC - 7, WBA - 1, WYC - 4, TSC - 2.

About 10-12 boats more than recent past seasons with quite a large influx of new boats and members. However, there are also a small number of regular past members who have not registered this season.

Draft race instructions

Another request for club representative to supply NECRA with draft Race Instructions and provisional start times for publishing on the web.


Request for material to be supplied ASAP.

Happy to have contribution from clubs, advertise events etc.

NESS and NERR comments were also solicited.


Next meeting to be notified. Likely to be late August/ early September


Larry Wilkinson

Financial Statement Y/E 31.12.05


Dividend and Interest 181.58


Mooring fees, refunded to members 240.00
Secretaries expenses 74.99
Food - AGM 100.00
Food - WYC 292.50
Travelling expenses P. Stenner 81.60
Printing 2005 fixture cards 217.38
Internet connection and name 66.11
Results printing and postage D Wheldon 41.80

Total Expenditure1114.38
Overall deficit for the year932.80

Finances at 31/12/05

Cash at bank 1644.08
500 Norther Rock Shares @1100 5500.00

Members fund stands at 7144.08

Summary for 2006 to date


Members subs 390


Newsletter 72
Sec expenses 22.92
Repair to NECRA mark 195.00