Minutes of the NECRA Committee Meeting
held at THYC on Wednesday November 7th 2007.


Larry Wilkinson - Chairman
Harold Usherwood - Treasurer
Nigel Robinson - WYC
Jeremy Watson - RNYC

The chairman apologised for not changing the start time to 8pm as agreed. Simply forgot!

1. Apologies

Alan Cooper - (in hospital)

2. Minutes of the previous meeting

- approved with slight modification to the dates of future meetings.

3. Report from AGM and Open Meeting

- As the minutes of the meeting were not available at this time, Harold and Larry gave their views on the meeting. Although there was no members from RNYC or WYC represented, the meeting was well attended and lively. A number of interesting points seemed to emerge:
  1. The programme should be slightly shorter.
  2. As the fleet was changing shorter, less demanding coastal events were to be desired
  3. Feeder races should be the same weekend as the event they are supporting.
  4. The overnight weekend and the North Sea race should be continued.
  5. There should be a NECRA only regatta (sponsored?) at a central location - THYC was suggested
  6. The existing club regattas, which are primarily supported by 'host club' boats seem not to be attracting visitors and could be omitted from the NECRA programme.
  7. Feeder races to support these regattas should be considered.

5. Registration procedure 2008

This remains the same as 2007. Application forms will be sent out with the 'winter' newsletter. A copy will remain on the web site for downloading.

6. Race programme 2008.

After much discussion the following was proposed for consideration of the membership

  Sunderland- HPool   THYC   O   23 or 24 May   ????   Feeder for NECRA Regatta
  Whitby - HPool   THYC   O   23 or 24 May   ?????   Feeder for NECRA Regatta
  NECRA Regatta - 1   THYC   I   24 May   ????   Regatta Series
  NECRA - Regatta - 2   THYC   I   25 May   ????   Regatta Series
  NECRA Regatta - 3   THYC   I   26 May   ?????   Regatta series
  Sunderland - Whitby   WYC   O   27 June   ???   Overnight
  Whitby - Hartlepool   THYC   O   29 June   ????  
  Scarborough - Imuiden   ScYC   O   ?????   ?????   North Sea Race
  Farnes   RNYC   O   9 August   06.00  
  Hartlepool - Sunderland   SYC   O   22 or 23 August   ????   Feeder for Roker Regatta
  Blyth - Sunderland   SYC   O   22 or 23 August   ????   Feeder for Roker Regatta
  Sunderland - Blyth   RNYC   O   5 or 6 September   ????   Feeder for RNYC Regatta

7. Classes 2008

Class 1 boundary is to be reduced to incorporate Sigma 33s and boats rating higher. Other classes to remain unaltered (boundaries subject to changes in NERR ratings). If there are sufficent Sonatas registered, a Sonata one design class will be provided for the NECRA regatta.

8. Safety requirements 2008

It was agreed to continue to use ISAF regulations unaltered

9. Rating system 2008

It was agreed to continue using NERR ratings. NERR are to be asked if it would be possible to make the ratings available to NECRA by the end of February 2008.

It was felt that it would be useful to know how many NECRA boats have current IRC certificates and what their ratings are. A couple of questions relating to this will be included on the registration form in 2008.

10. Scoring system 2008

It was agreed to score each event in the (Offshore) series using the ISAF Low Points scoring system (RRS Appendix A). The NECRA Regatta is to be a stand alone event, winners being decided using the same systerm. The number of discards is still to be decided.

11. Winter newsletter

Contributions were requested for the winter newsletter. When produced, it will be circulated together with a fixture list and a registration application form.