Minutes of the NECRA Committee meeting
held at THYC on Wednesday October 10th 2007.


Larry Wilkinson - Chairman
Harold Usherwood - Treasurer
Nigel Robinson - WYC
Jeremy Watson - RNYC
Alan Cooper - THYC

1. Apologies

- none received.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting

- approved.

3. Matters arising (not covered by this agenda)


Only one item - the chairman had still not received any comments from either NERR or NESS with regard to the communications sent in April.

4. 2007 Photograph competition

- the weather conditions had possibly affected the number of entries but the committee wish to thank all those who entered and congratulations to the winners. HU to arrange cheques.

Terry Hogg - Hartlepool - Whitby.
Larry Wilkinson-Whitby Regatta.
Karen wilkinson - Sunderland - Whitby.
Ian Kershaw - Start of North Sea Race.
Neil Rutherford - RNYC Regatta 1.
David Morgan - RNYC Regatta 2.

5. 2007 Race Results

- these results ratified as per published results.

5.1 HU to review trophies and organise engraving prior to prizegiving.

5.2 Agreement in the committee on a nomination for Yacht of the Year.

6. Review of 2007 and discussion regarding 2008.

The committee, in general discussion then went on to debate some of the issues raised by the Chairman in the 'Review of 2007' document and recent communications:

6.1 Is there a wish among the clubs and NECRA members for a NECRA 2008 programme? Feedback from the club representatives was that the club sailing committees wanted NECRA to continue.

6.2 How/should NECRA continue to operate with reduced officers? For the 2007 season NECRA has been without a Vice Chairman, Secretary, Trophies Officer or Publicity/Results Officer. Agreed that this would be raised at the AGM following election of 2008 Officers.

6.3 While 2007 results show very little change in overall numbers from 2006 there appears to be a degree of disinterest amongst NECRA members in supporting inter-club events generally and social events in particular, eg. NECRA dinner and AGM.

6.4 The Chairman and committee then went on to discuss the format of the 2008 season, the number of classes, class boundaries, race formats, number of races in a series and the club championship. These and a number of other matters formed a general discussion with certain ideas on the 2008 programme to be considered by each club, with the objective of a provisional agreement for the 2008 programme in November following the AGM.

7. Dates of next meetings

- agreed that THYC was a suitable venue to hold the meetings and as such forthcoming dates agreed as:

Wednesday 7th November 2007
Wednesday 12th December 2007
Wednesday 10th December 2008
Wednesday 14th February 2008

Meetings to commence at 20.00 hrs.

Meeting closed at 21.10.