Please Note

 These dates and details are provided for the convenience and guidance of NECRA Cruising members.

 Whilst they are believed to be accurate, they can be altered by the organisers so you should verify details before you set off.

 This program diary is under construction and will be modified as the program is finalised. Keep watching for changes.

DateEvent / RaceDestination TideDestinationProgram Arrangements - under construction
 23 May  Whitby YC Regatta  W:0510 – 5.37m  Whitby

 WYC Regatta Program

 24 May  Return from Whitby  W:0543 – 5.41m  Hartlepool  Return Program 2
 13-14 June  OGA NE Regatta  B:0935 – 4.15m  Blyth  OGA Regatta Program
 18-21 June  THYC Regatta  H:1440 – 4.56m  Hartlepool  THYC Regatta Program
 27 June  Whitby Overnight  W:0903 – 5.19m  Whitby  WYC Overnight Program
 28 June  Return from Whitby  W:1002 – 5.06m  Hartlepool  WYC Return Program
 4 July  North Sea Race  Sc:1627 – 5.24m  Ijmuiden  NSR Program
 11-12 July  Sunderland YC Regatta  S:0812 – 4.50m  Roker  SYC Regatta Program
 12 July  Return from Roker  S:0856 – 4.32m  Hartlepool  SYC Return Program
 23-25 July  Sunderland Airshow  S:0556 – 5.22m  Sunderland  Sunderland Airshow Program
 8 Aug  Vernon Dawson  W:0730 – 5.28m  Whitby  WYC VD Program
 9 Aug  Return from Whitby  W:0805 – 5.11m  Hartlepool  WYC Retun Program
 15-17 Aug  Whitby Town Regatta  W:1339 – 4.20m  Whitby  Whitby TR Program
 29 Aug  Tyne Race  H:1400 – 4.28m  Newcastle  THYC Tyne Program
 5-6 Sept  RNYC Regatta  B:0549 – 5.03m  Blyth  RNYC Regatta Program
 6 Sept  Return from Blyth  B:0620 – 4.94m  Hartlepool  RNYC Return Program
 19 Sept  Hartlepool Race  S:1748 – 5.43m  Hartlepool  NECRA Program
 22 Oct  NECRA AGM    THYC  NECRA AGM Agenda